On the left you will find three strips with small thumbnail images of the piece. Clicking on a thumbnail will show a large version of the image in this frame.

Most of the images were taken by the mexican photographer Martin Vargas. You can copy them but they are not for commercial use. To use them please obtain permission and credits at

HIGH RESOLUTION: There is a high resolution version of each image that may be used for publications. To download the high resolution pictures follow these instructions:

1. Enlarge the desired image by clicking on its thumbnail.
2. On the top of the enlarged image you will see a link with the text "Version MB".
3. Download the image to your hard drive as follows:
* On a Macintosh with Navigator or Explorer: click on the link while simultaneously pressing the option key (also known as the "alt" key).
* On a PC with Navigator or Explorer: click on the link with the right mouse button and select "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu that appears.
4. Give a name and a location to the image. They are around 1MB jpegs saved with maximum quality settings.

VERY HIGH RESOLUTION: If you would like to publish very high resolution Vectorial Elevation images we can send you professional drum scans. More info at