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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's, web page in construction, contains a curriculum, portfolio of previous projects, images, etc. His email is

Sites with technical information are linked from the Technology page.

Some pieces that precede Vectorial Elevation are linked to in the History page.

Millennium programme of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, Mexico.

The wonderful techno music of the Nortec movement, used during the New Year's light show.

Light Art links.


Golden Nica 2000, Interactive Art category, given by the Ars Electronica Festival and ORF TV.

SFMOMA-Webby Award distinction, given by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


New York Times (US) 2, 3
La Jornada
El País
Berliner Zeitung
Reforma (Mexico)
Index (Hungary)
Iranian Times (Iran)
El Mundo (Spain)


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