Concept, Direction and Interface

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Programming and Development

Conroy Badger
Andrew Emond
Karine Charbonneau
Colin Griffiths
David Lemieux
Stephan Schulz
Gideon May
Olfa Driss
Emilio López-Galiacho 

The team at the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad and CODE: The Cultural Olympiad's Digital Edition 

City of Vancouver

Alix Sales
Bryan Newson
Gruja Blagojevic
Muriel Honey
Brian Scott
Brian Quinn
Guy Pottinger
Wade Hickey 

Production - Panther Management

David James
Graham Hicks
Tim Furness
Billy Lyle

Syncrolite - Searchlights

Jack Calmes
Jimmy Page
Olaf Pöttcher

Production Power Corporation

Lewis Neilsen
Val Nielsen (no relation)
Kerry McDonald
Tim Drummond-Hay 

HR MacMillan Space Centre

Rob Appleton David Walsh 

NewGen Business Technology Solutions

Robin Hiet-Block 

Studio City Scaffolding

Peter Nessman  

Source Security

Chris Taibinger  


Burke Taylor, Robert Kerr, Wende Cartwright, Rae Hull, Dorothy Byrne, Charles Hotel, Lisa Purdy, Anne McDougall, Malcolm Levy, Karen Wong, Pierre Theriault, Trevor Jurgens, Kryssta Mills, Rick McKenna, Rosalind Crocker, Geoff Graham, Charles Hansen, Janey Cruise, Doug Farmer, Todd and Nicole Ferris, Susie Ramsay, Julieta, Alejandra and Rafael Lozano-Ramsay, Sandra, Robyn, Jessie and Jonah Badger, Teri Vlassopoulos, Will Bauer, Tom Uglow, Roman Nurik, Shawn Shen. 

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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Montreal Canada
Andrew Emond, Vancouver
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